A word about PTO Fundraising Nights

As you have undoubtedly seen, the calendar this year is sprinkled with several “PTO” nights at various locations. The first of these is this Friday, August 28th at Dairy Queen. These nights are a way for PTO to bring in a little money throughout the year to help fund the various projects we have going on. Do not feel pressured to attend all of these! It is not our intent to make you feel as though you need to go to, or support, each one. We simply wanted to provide several opportunities so that you are able to do it when it works best for you.

That being said, Dairy Queen will be from 6-8pm this Friday. We will be sending home a flyer that you will need to bring with you so that they know your order supports Whitson. This will only be good at the 17th street location.

Thank you for all your support!

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